About US

The Umbilicalsport group are motorcycle enthusiast, who love motorcycling and are committed to bring a new CONCEPT to the people. US "Signaling Apparel" will increase your riding experience and deepen your relationship with the machine while simultaneously communicating your riding intentions  to others sharing the rood.    We would like to serve  our customers and deliver the best  new products to the industry, and to promote motorcycle safety through our new CONCEPT




US apparel was created to increase the riding safety factor and the rider’s participation in their own safety.   Umbilicalsport patented technology is called LESS - (Light emitting signaling system).  The goal of the product is to increase the reaction time, response rate, and riding intentions of the biker.


The signaling system on the back of the US apparel  is positioned to be at eye level with any car, truck, or SUV vehicle sharing the road. Now the motorcyclist riding intentions can be more clearly conveyed while riding.


The apparel is a tool and an experience , used to assist in the action of motorcycle riding. The rider’s signaling system on either arm of the apparel is for the rider,  meant to deepen the level of engagement and increase the responsiveness of the on board rider.

US Riders

The type of rider that chooses to wear US signaling Apparel is a responsible, law abiding and mindful rider, whose objective is to live to ride another day. Life is good and would like it to remain that way, so officers during your shift if you happen to pull over one of the US riders try to cut a break if you can. Thanks 


We  the riders of Umbilicalsport do take a solemn oath at purchase. To ride responsibly, safety and with respect for others sharing the road.