E-Z Installation

Locate your central wire harness, on Sport Bikes usually found in rear or back tail section and with Cruiser center of bike near riders’ seat.


(A). The adaptor for the motorcycle has five wires total. The Black wire is ground - Blue wire is running light - Red wire is Brake light - White wire is Right turn signal - Brown wire is Left turn signal.

(B). Now with the motorcycle adaptor Connected or Plugged In, to Your US Signaling Apparel (Jacket/Vest/Bag/etc.) And the bike keys turned to the on position simply match the corresponding wires with the color code in (A) above.
Useful Tip - The wires on the motorcycle can be identified by using your apparel like a test light, simply fasten the motorcycle adaptor’s "Black Ground wire" under a metal bolt on the frame temporarily to complete a proper electrical ground. Then follow (B) and match corresponding lights on motorcycle with corresponding lights on apparel, they will light simultaneously.

(C). It is recommended that all electrical connections be soldered for best connection.

(D). Final step, tie off or place knot so cable is anchored & left to desired length on either side of motorcycle.


Or  if you have the Supplies: Electrical Tester ,Pliers, Four crimp connectors


1. Locate your central wire harness.  This wire harness is usually located near the rear on sport bikes and on either side below the seat on cruiser motorcycles .

2. The adaptor that will affix to the motorcycle has five wires total.  Four wires which are labeled run light, brake light, left & right signals  and one black wire, which is the neutral or ground wire.

3. Connect your US signaling apparel and the adaptor provided together.

4.  Installing without a test light just fasten the black wire under any metal bolt temporarily to complete a proper electrical ground.

5.You can also use an electrical tester to find which wires on your motorcycle represents the brake light, running light, and indicator lights. 

6. Turn your motorcycle key to the ON position, for testing purposes only.

7. Once these wires are identified on your motorcycle harness they should be matched with the corresponding wires that are labeled on the US apparel adaptor or just look at the  apparel lights and the motorcycle signal lights which will display simultaneously .

8. After this process we suggest that the adaptor’s black ground wire be attached to the motorcycles wire harness also.

10. Tie off the motorcycle adaptor to desired length on either side of bike.

11. Turn your motorcycle key to the ON position connect you apparel become one with the machine.