Q. How does the US apparel connect to my motorcycle?

A. With every US apparel or bag, an adaptor is provided. This adaptor can be easily integrated into the existing wiring system on your
motorcycle that controls the directional, braking, and running lights. (Motorcycle Adapting)

Q. Can I install the adaptor or do I need a professional?

A. Yes, you can install the motorcycle adaptor yourself; there are no wires to cut. (Motorcycle Adapting)

Q. When US apparel or bag connects to a motorcycle does it drain the battery?

A. No, US apparel or bag when connected to the motorcycle; require less than 500mA to operate.

Q. With electricity running through the US “Interface” apparel can it be worn in the rain? Is there danger of electric shock?

A. Yes, the US “Interface” apparel can be worn in the rain. No, there is no danger of electric shock. The US “Interface” lighting systems in the apparel are sprayed with waterproofing acrylic material. Secondly, the lighting systems are encased in PVC transparent material 60-mil in thickness. Lastly the adaptors are equipped with fuses as a further safeguard.

Q. What is the source of the lighting in the US “Interface” jackets?

A. The lighting system is operated by L.E.D (light emitting diodes). These special L.E.D’s have a life expectancy of approximately one million hours.

Q. Does the jacket connection lock the rider to the motorcycle?

A. There is no locking mechanism on the cable connecting you to your motorcycle. You’re just mating with the bike. The physical connection
is a non-locking din connector.

Q. Can I purchase US apparel without the US Safety light system?

A. Yes, US apparel can provide you the function of changing the Graphics.

Q. Can a US safety lighting system be added to my US apparel at a later date?

A. Yes, all US apparel can have a US safety lighting system added to them.

Q. What is the graphical window (Graphics) in US apparel?

A. The graphical window (Graphics) is an area in US apparel which allows for displays of artwork, advertising, etc.

Q. Can the pictures in the graphical windows (Graphics) ever be changed?

A. The photo and light systems displayed in the graphical window can be replaced, or upgraded in approximately ten minutes.
In all US apparel, the Graphics can be changed.

Q. Can I choose what appears in the graphical window of my jacket?

A. Yes, you can personalize the photos, artwork or advertising that appear in your graphical window.

Q. Can you guarantee this lighted apparel will save my life?

A. No. Umbilical Sport apparel will only increase your chances of being seen before an accident occurs.

Q. Can the LSS system be put into the jacket I already have?

A. Yes, Umbilicalsport is able to be place the system in your personal jacket. The cost is approximately $250 dollars.

Q. Where should I wear the cable when riding on my motorcycle?

A. The cable on your jacket should be worn behind the motorcyclist while riding. 

Q. How long should the cable be that hangs out of my motorcycle and how will I tie it off? 

A. The cable on your motorcycle should hang approximately 3 to 4 inches from your bike and can be tied off with a knot.

Q. When I step off my motorcycle, do I need to stop and manually disconnect from my bike?

A. No. When disconnecting from your motorcycle it’s not necessary to unplug. US apparel cables automatically disconnect when dismounting
from your bike.